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INSIDE-OUT with Priceless Merit \\Things you miss for not having Sex. 

Inside-Out with Priceless Merit is a stimulating programme that deals on life generally and occurring events.

 Here priceless Merit writes on a topic (it could be about anything: life, delicacies, fashion, music, entertainment, education, love and relationship, etc) and we all send in our contributions/comments. It’s going to be every Saturday kind of programme to help you relax after the week’s stress.

We also aim at tailoring your needs, confusions and fears. Life can be blissful only if you know and understand it and the events that surrounds it. The inspiration of life is to serve mankind.

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Today on inside-out with priceless Merit,  we will be discussing SEX!!!

While I was thinking of what to start the program with,  I stumbled into a post that says “90% of girls have nothing to offer in a relationship aside sex” am not going to leave boys out of it as the writer  did!  This really got me thinking and I decided to ask a few people the reason(s) why they are in a relationship, the answers were really interesting as so many didn’t have a reason.

A lot of people might have told you that you miss alot for not having “sex”, the answer is capital “YES” you miss a lot and would continue missing them.

Now, let me draw your attention to things you have been missing without  even knowing it;

* You miss being unwanted Husband/Wife: this is as good as rejection, The Unwanted Spouse is  usually in an accidental marriage which have caused lots of marriages to collapse.

* You miss having a destroyed career prospect.

* You miss barrenness due to abortions

* You Miss having a sexually transmitted diseases 

* You miss unwanted pregnancy/ child

* The count is endless….. 

 Have you seen that you really miss a lot by not having sex?

Hopefully, my talk today will get you to think about the ramifications of sex before marriage. People should hold themselves to a higher standard. Additionally, we should have enough confidence in ourselves to realize that we don’t need to have sex with someone to impress them or make them “love” us. Sex should be a result of love.

What do u think??

Do keep your comments and contributions rolling, don’t forget to send topics you would want us to discuss to

Talk to you next Saturday, lovely people… Bye

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  1. Thanks for the piece but tell us what we benefited for having it

  2. I am delighted to see a program like this online…. Girls should be cautioned as far as this is concerned, they think they can keep men by just having sex with them…… Now as a man, Priceless Merit I am going to be open to you…… I don’t take girls that gives me sex when I want it serious…. I don’t see them as on I can get married to….. It won’t make sense to me…. If you know all the ways sex can get crazy and fun, what about my home? My kids? My investments?…. Am afraid some of these girls that gives in easily, I can hardly send to represent me… Because you may misinterpret moves and think it’s sex calling…… Av gotta go Merit thanks

  3. I don’t see how guys have to do with this, because we want what we want and it’s the giver that should know her boundaries. Priceless you nah, IF YOU NO GIVE I NO GO TAKE OO

  4. Wow!!! What an outstanding piece u wrote…very interesting but issues about #sex is so complicated and sensitive… Sex should be joined by married couples only but truth is stranger than fiction.. But honestly ur beautiful and sexy and romantically attractive.. Nice one..

  5. Nice piece, I hope they listen though!! Sex is not love!! Giving him sex in order to tie him down or make him love you is a big mistake! But they will not hear!! Sex as you said you arise from the fact that you love nd cherih each other.

  6. Wow.. Thanks for the insight

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