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Zambia:Lungu Says He Is Praying For The Courts To Convict HH So That He Could Pardon Him

The Head of State also says he has no hand in Hakainde Hichilema’s problems adding that if he is convicted, the only thing he would be able to do is pardon the opposition leader but says doing so would need the UPND leader to repent his sins and apologize to Zambia for being stubborn.

The President also talked of GBM saying ‘bambi nababutuka Eli umunabo aluminum finfi’ , in reference to GbM who is said to be in Madagascar seeking asylum.

In attendance are cadres and all sorts of Tenderprenuers in Zambia who belong to an elite group of thieves.

A careful count reveals that those who are poor and vote in elections can’t afford to donate the kind of monies being demanded by Edgar Lungu. Those who have bought such tickets are mainly those who live well and don’t even waste time to vote.

While other serious leaders are busy firing those forging certificates and finding solutions to their country’s problems, our own President is dancing Dununa Reverse and looking tips – he isn’t drunk yet but in two hours time, the President will be very drunk because currently, he is taking spirits without any mixture.

He is excited and smiling all-round.

Meanwhile, JK has taken centre stage and he is even singing songs he hasn’t produced himself. Instead of sticking to the part he did in Dununa Reverse, JK is busy singing even the part of others as he sees himself as the owner of PF entertainment.

This is someone who swindled his friends money after this Dununa Reverse project which they stole from Richy Buzzy, the true and first composer if Dununa Reverse song.



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